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    @RoySutton, any updates? :) New Year and new beginnings? :)
  • Let me bump this one once more
  • We’re working on resolving some legal concerns but hope to make a private beta available soon to a small group of developers. If you're interested, send me a DM and we'll be in touch when we're ready to move forward.

    Thanks for your patience!!
  • Any updates? :) Are these minor legal issues or major legal issues? Anything you can talk about / blog about in anticipation of beta?
  • Unfortunately not. Still waiting on the "okay".
  • I come back to this thread every day - just to see if the "okay" is there ...
  • @theryanjduffy Another month, another answer? :):) Would it help if we buy a pizza for the lawyers? How can we help you help us?!
  • It never hurts to send Pizzas... But, those lawyers don't need them. I'll give you our address.
  • Lol true. Originally, I was going to write steaks but I figured it would be quite costly :)
  • Does LG and lawyers know that every day waiting we are loosing momentum? A Next Gen Enyo would be great to use now. But everyday there might be new alternatives coming up and some day it will be too late to succeed with Enyo.
  • @Martin As I understand it, their primary target audience has evolved to be their internal (LG) clients rather than promoting Enyo as a competitor to other frameworks. :)

    But here's to hoping the lawyers see there's no harm and only advantage to getting Enyo 3 into as many hands of would-be TV (and toaster) developers as soon as possible!

    Comments and / or updates, @theryanjduffy @RoySutton ? :):):)
  • So we have finally received the okay from the legal team so we'll be able to start the private beta soon. I'll be sending out a note to those that expressed interest next week with details on getting started.

  • Not sure I see the benefit of riding on top of React. Can you review some of the reasons for this decision? Looks like react reintroduces html tags...the very reason I like enyo is that html is hidden.
  • Hehe, see page 1 of this discussion for the html tag vs no html tag "fight." :) I've gotten used to the enyoJS way of hiding HTML and will miss it. But I stand by my original post that it makes things very verbose. :)

    I'm sure someone from the enyo team will answer your specific question but here are my thoughts...

    I figure they want to tie into a larger ecosystem and focus on certain things rather than re-inventing the wheel. The two big players are Angular and React (of course, there are several minor major players and "up and coming" frameworks). Both use templating / HTML in one form or the other. Personally, I'm glad they chose React since it matches the philosophy of Enyo a bit better. Plus, in dabbling with Angular, I get the feeling it's unnecessarily complex.

    My hopes wrt move to React is some things I really like about Enyo make the move: easy to use bindings/observers/listeners, models/collections/sources, easy internationalization (string translation as well as other ilib stuff). But then again, maybe React has a just-as-easy way to do these things.
  • guys i want to understand a bit more. fergus what do you mean by riding on top of react? is that the direction of enyo 3?
  • I won't go too deep into the background here but our next generation framework is leveraging React both as the development model for components and the "integration layer" between the components and the DOM.

    As @psarin said, part of the rationale is the ability to leverage collective experience of the larger JS community. We're really proud of the product we built with Enyo but we had to build a lot of the framework from the ground up because viable alternatives didn't exist. The web platform has matured a lot since Enyo came out. We want to take advantage of all the good work others have done which let's us focus on areas in which we add value.

    There were also performance improvements we wanted to make that were difficult in the Enyo architecture. When we looked at the amount of work it would take to accomplish that and the degree of change it would introduce into the framework, it was difficult to justify the investment.

    So we've spent the last year rebuilding a new, leaner core framework and user interface layer using React. There are some "Enyo-like" features that are intended to ease and standardize component development and provide continuity for developers coming from Enyo 2 but we've tried to not stray far from the idiomatic React patterns so developers can also take advantage of the wealth of tutorials and support in the React ecosystem.

    Hope that gives you a little more insight into where we are headed. I'm looking forward to getting some fresh eyes onto our work.
  • @sugardave just sent out emails for our next gen preview. If you didn't receive the email but had previously let me know you wanted to participate, let me know and we'll see if it was lost in the SMTP abyss. ;)
  • So when can we use this framework?
    I'm thinking of starting a new project with react and couchdb.

    Should I wait for enyo 3?
    Is it developed for TV in mind or it's good to go with Mobile and desktop?

    I want in for the preview as well!

    [email protected]
  • We haven't set a date for general availability. I can say that it our focus has been on the TV experience so mobile/desktop support is limited. We have specific plans to address that gap so you can expect changes to that over time.

    I'll pass your name on to @sugardave regarding the preview.

    Also, it isn't called Enyo 3 :wink:
  • If it's not called Enyo anymore, what are you calling it? "Actyo"?
  • No - not "Actyo" - but not bad. Join the preview and find out ..
  • LuneOS needs a new JavaScript framework, and we'd love to see if the next-gen framework is a good fit! If any of the beta-testers could write a demo app, to the criteria at
    , please contact me or post to the luneos-dev mailing list:
  • "LuneOS needs a new JavaScript framework" this is one of the reasons why I joined the beta-test ..
  • I would love to be a part of this! I would even write the most killer demo app ever.! We will see..
  • If anyone is working on a next-gen demo for LuneOS, please submit by the end of May.
  • I'm interested to have a look at this beta !

    Best regards
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