OK! it's here Ares-M version 0.2.18

Get it Here

git hub
down load the zip and unzip to were you want


from my account here

Down load the zip and unzip to were you want

Ares-m is my version of Ares 2! Way the name change? So if some one want to merge it in to Ares 2
they know that they got a lot of work to do (and so i get some credit) :) .

Ares-M work with Enyo 0.2.3 Enyo and yes Enyo 0.2.6
to get to 0.2.6 i did some work around in the enyo/source/boot/boot.js file!

* To work with any 0.2.4 or grater project that you All ready have
* You have to change the boot.js file
* There is a new copy (boot.js) in the templates folder of Ares both of just the patch and the whole file changed

any new project started from the project/new menu will have the new boot.js file pulls from my account (as a example of how to do it in the ide.json file) with the new boot.js file pulls from the template folder from with in Ares with the new boot.js file

This is just a early release of what i have been pushing into

These changes will be push to recurve git when i have some time and the feed back here is good.
I use windows and chrome mostly here so not tested on mac!

Let me know how it works!

The cobble Monster


  • John, that's exciting news :-)
  • Great news! I wasn't expecting 2.6/2.7 support, so now I may need to check this out. Do you expect that 2.7 will be supported?
    (Perhaps it is already and and you're referring to 2.6-dev to include Enyo 2.7?)
  • been thinking about 2.7 . It will be this winter before i get to it!
    (got to cut some fire wood for the house here)

    but i think it is do able.

    will need a
    new package manger
    the .designer files made
    and another mod to Demios the designer

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