Preload and reuse enyo.js and enyo.css


In index.html, normally we have 4 links, 2 of them to enyo core build (enyo.js, enyo.css) and the other two for specific app files.

I have a scenario where I have a main page and from that page I open other enyo apps in iframes.
I am trying to preloaded the two general core files (enyo.js, enyo.css) in the main page and then have some kind of object in the iframe injected with the main page enyo.
Like this, I would be able to switch faster my other enyo apps in the iframe because I would only need to load the specific app files.
Has anyone tried something like this?


  • Never done it with an iframe but I do something similar everyday. We have a very large system and we do not use enyo "apps" as pre-packaged standalones. Instead we include the core libraries and then various enyo "apps" on the page just use them.
  • I guess I'm trying to understand why you need an iframe at all?
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