TouchTax for iOS - but stopped Android enyo version

edited March 2012 in Enyo 1.0
I published my first Enyo app for iOS a few days ago. Here's a link: - over 90 downloads so far. I stopped working on the Android Enyo port - the scroller was simply too slow on the android system.

By the way, I was able to replace my webView needs with the AjaxContent kind, which works "ok" for now...

Thanks to all the great support on this community forum.


  • hmm, sorry, I just noticed that there is a separate thread for cross platform apps!

    my cross-platform site is at

    Android, PlayBook, iOS (Enyo) and HP/Palm Touchpad versions published in the respective markets.

    Thank you, especially to Ian Beck (NoteTap) for his database wrapper.

    I received the PlayBook in the mail yesterday. I hate it and put it on Amazon for resale - if only they had made it into a full size tablet. It's too small!!
  • Cool, just featured this on the Enyo blog.
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