moon.VideoPlayer only displays first frame on webOS TV

From my prior threads, I'm working with HTML5 streaming video, and I'm running into a new problem.

I can get the video streams working properly in Safari using a moon.VideoPlayer (sound is a little off, but that seems to be an issue with the transcoder rather than the HTML5 video - I may come back to that one).

However, when I attempt to use the same streams on a webOS TV running webOS 3.0, the stream will load, and display the first frame, then playback will stop, and appear to freeze (just the feed, not the entire app). No additional content ever loads. If I change the feed source, same problem.

I have other (non live-streaming) video running successfully in the same app, and the streaming video is encoded using h264/aac, which I understand should be comparable.

Does anyone know if there are any quirks that I should be aware of on the TV, or do I need to change the encoding? (I can do that if necessary).

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • I'm not aware of specific quirks but I can tell you that when putting together our latest sampler we went through a lot of effort to find a video that would play properly on every browser. It was like playing whack-a-mole. Slight differences in encoding (even the same format) would cause some browsers to stop playing. I would suggest finding a format the definitely plays well on the TV and stick with that.
  • Thanks for the quick reply! I believe it :smile:

    For this project though, I'm just using Safari for development/testing. It doesn't matter if the video actually plays there or not.

    Do you know if there is a preferred encoding for the TV, or is that something that I need to go and ask over on the TV forums?
  • I would probably ask there. I'm sure this question has come up before but I don't recall what the answer is.
  • edited May 2016
    Just as a note for anybody else who encounters the same problem. It was a TV thing. I wound up changing the feed type, and that solved the problem. It didn't like the m3u8 streaming feed coming off of the server.
  • Thanks for following up and leaving the answer! That will definitely help others.
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