onholdpulse and ontap, onrelease event enyojs in webOSTV

Hi all,
i add ontap, onholdpulse, onrelease event to a button, but i see ontap triger after i release onholdpulse event. Can you help me? i want to catch press and hold button event and release event. Thank you.
{ name:'forward', classes:'ic-player ic-forward', ontap:'buttonFastForwardTapped', onholdpulse:'holdChanged', onrelease:'releaseChanged', spotlight:true, defaultSpotlightUp:"forward", defaultSpotlightLeft:"play", defaultSpotlightRight:"skipforward", onSpotlightDown:'controlSpotlightDownChanged' },


  • For 2.5, you can prevent the tap by calling preventTap() on the up event.
    components: [
        {name: 'forward', onup: 'handleUp'}
    handleUp: function (sender, ev) {
    In 2.7, in addition to the above, you can set preventTap on the hold config. You can use gesture.drag.configureHoldPulse to do so.
    var gesture = require('enyo/gesture');
      preventTap: true
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