moon.VideoPlayer fullscreen

I'm new to enyo and programming in general.

I would like to develop a media browser and player app for WebOS, something like the built-in SmartShare application.
How can I start moon.VideoPlayer in fullscreen mode from a panel with activity pattern, while preserving the previous panel state? To be able to go back when stopping playback.

If I simply push the player on the panel stack, with moon.Panels pushpanel method, the player size is the same as the active panel size, so there is a little breadcrumb in the top left corner. I can stretch it with a moon.VideoFullscreenToggleButton, but I would like it to start in this stretched mode.
If I render the new player into document.body, the video size is full screen, but I can't go back to my panels.

If I use the enyo.CardArranger layout for the panels the player is full screen, but then popOnBack not working, leaving the old panels on the stack.

I tried the toggleFullcreen method form the console also, but it did nothing. Maybe I use it the wrong way.

Also I am not exactly sure what fullscreen means :)
On my Windows desktop the moon.VideoFullscreenToggleButton hides the browser window, leaving only the viewport, but it is not necessary on WebOS, is it? Because there are no borders and icons there.

My enyo version is 2.5.4-pre.5 (from WebOS 2.0 SDK).


  • After trying several methods now I have a working solution.
    The funny thing is I don't need fullscreen at all. That introduced some new bugs, like FSBottomControls not responding, and after popOnback to my panels spotlight stopped working.
    So what I did is nesting my moon.Panels inside another component, together with the moon.VideoPlayer, and hide/show the panels as needed. The important part is, that the player must be the first kind in the components block.
    This works as I wanted. Maybe it will be helpful for someone.
  • It almost sounds like what you wanted was always-viewing with the video player in the 'basement' so the panels can be shown/hidden over the video. There's an example in enyo-strawman.
  • Thanks. I looked at the always viewing pattern too, but I prefer the activity style.
    The WebOS built-in SmartShare application is a good example of what I wanted to achieve. Now it behaves almost the same.
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