Enyo Framework/Library addition to JetBrains Webstorm

Hi all,

I would like to use enyo framework/Libraries within JetBrains Webstorm but I do not know which enyo folders/files to add to Webstorm as External JavaScript Library. I have only used Bootplate.zip and Ares 2 for my app development.

This is what they say:
You can also download any other JavaScript libraries and frameworks or even develop JavaScript libraries yourself, if necessary. To use such downloaded or self-developed libraries, you need to set them up as custom WebStorm JavaScript libraries. Configured libraries can be used in code completion, highlighting, navigation, and Documentation Lookup. .

any help much appreciated.


  • Hi Sandbox! I haven't used Webstorm in a while and I didn't set up Enyo as a library. My guess is that if you are using bootplate you will have some issues because of the 'kind' wrapper and the package loading mechanism in use. That said, you can try to load everything in the source directories and see if that works
  • Thanks RoySutton,
    I have played around by adding the complete bootplate directory as custom library and I can select the Enyo library to use in a project. It works with code completion relatively well though not perfect.

    There is also an alternative to adding the library by downloading and optionally adding the documentation path.

    Now that Enyo Library is available via https, what is the full path to the Enyo library and also to the documentation?.

  • Documentation lives here:

    We don't recommend using Enyo directly from our servers but it is located here:

    (e.g. http://enyojs.com/enyo-
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