2.6-dev on legacy webOS 2.2.4

Hey Enyo Folks,
I've been trying 2.6-dev for making HP/Palm webOS ipks and with Jason Robitaille's expert help I've had some success!
I do have an unsolved issue with selection highlights appearing on text and other elements in webOS 2.2.4 (not an issue in 3.0.5), but that is the only nastiness I'm stuck on at this point. I've written a bit about my experience over on webosnation:
I generally try to not cross-post, but since there are so few folks left trying to work within webOS 2.x, I figure I can make an exception. I love to hear either here or there if anyone has some ideas about the selection highlights!


  • Turns out it was a missing "enyo-unselectable" class for the index.html body tag. Special thanks to Roy for coming over to webosnation and bringing the knowledge!
  • A dead SSD forced me to start from scratch and this morning I bumped Node to 5.7, did an npm install of enyo-dev and found that enyo init will not create the dirs that it is supposed to git clone into e.g.:
    failed to handle git repository for layout: failed to clone layout: Command failed: git clone https://github.com/enyojs/layout.git c:\...\enyo-test\lib\layout fatal: could not create work tree dir 'c:\...\enyo-test\lib\layout'.: No such file or directory

    This is on Windows7-32bit using MINGW32 / Git Bash for commands.
    I did mkdirs for all the failed dirs and retried enyo init and it worked fine.
  • Update, just pre-making the projectName/lib/ directory also works around this issue. The sub-directories are properly created and filled.
  • If you had an older version of enyo-dev's .enyoconfig and .enyocache, that might have played into it. Since the dev tools are new and still pre-release, there have been a few breaking changes.

    I just testing things out in a win7 VM with the latest enyo-dev and it was able to generate the app from template and build without error.
  • If you had an older version of enyo-dev's .enyoconfig and .enyocache, that might have played into it.
    @theryanjduffy, I was looking for something like that, but I had no ~/.enyo folder. Where else might 'old stuff' be floating around on Windows?
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    The global config is in c:\Users\USERNAME\.enyo\config and the per-app config is in the .enyoconfig file in the root of the app.
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    global config is in c:\Users\USERNAME\.enyo\config
    -Yeah, that's what I meant by "no ~/.enyo folder" and these were new test projects...
    @theryanjduffy would you suggest a npm uninstall -g enyo-dev?
  • I went ahead with the uninstall and deleted the .enyo folder, then install with the following warnings:
    npm WARN optional Skipping failed optional dependency /enyo-dev/chokidar/fsevents:
    npm WARN notsup Not compatible with your operating system or architecture: [email protected]
    Still having the same behavior: enyo init fails unless I manually create a lib folder - then it works
  • Okay, it is becoming clearer - I thought the change in the enyo-dev readme meant that npm install was now supported, but npm seems to be pulling down 0.51 - I'm now trying the git clone, 'manual' method and this seems more promising although chokidar is still skipped on Win7-32
  • Thanks for the help. It seems I was just jumping the gun with the npm install and I see that the chokidar npm WARN may be unimportant chokidar#install-troubleshooting
    It seems I can get back to working with the manual install! ... Hello World!
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  • @bbito Sounds like you're on the right track. I failed to mention I also cloned the repo and npm link'ed it from there.
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