Enyo Stickers!

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I just upgraded my HP laptop.


Wanna upgrade yours? We just got our first batch of Enyo stickers back from the printers, and I'll send you a couple of them. You can send me $1 via PayPal or Venmo to [email protected] I'll send you back two of these stickers ASAP.

Please be sure to include your mailing address in the request. Depending on how you send your money in PayPal, I may not get it included in the payment message.

If you want to mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope, that will work too, just send me a direct message and I'll pass on my mailing address.

If you're outside the US, just up your order to $2 to cover the extra postage, and I'll throw in two extra stickers too.

Please don't send more than $3... my stock is getting low, so I can't quite handle large numbers anymore.


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