VirtualTable kind for Enyo 1.0

edited February 2012 in Enyo 1.0
A few months back I developed a VirtualTable kind that allows you to display and collect tabular data. Back then I shared it in the forum on the dev platform. I even went through the trouble of writing an example and documentation. After I dug it back out from the depths of my workspace I figured I might just as well share it with you guys.

The code is hosted on github:
You can check out the example here:

This implementation uses the VirtualList and VirtualRepeater kinds which turns out to be not very performant on mobile devices like the TouchPad. I'll probably whip out an implementation using the Repeater kind in the coming days to see if that works better. Maybe I'll even make a kind resembling an actual html table depending on how the Repeater implementation performs.



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