Where is the UI Designer in Ares?

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I followed the instructions for installing Ares on Mac. The IDE works, but it only lets me edit files. I don't see the UI designer anywhere. How do you use the UI designer?


  • If you edit a file, you should see the following in the top toolbar (from left to right): Close Save New Kind and then Designer
  • I just see a close button, index.html, and a save button. There is a message in the terminal about package.js. Is that a problem?

    Service['home']: req.query={ _method: 'GET', '0.626189443282783': '' }

    > Service['home']: req.params=[ id: '/dev/ares-sample/index.html',
    path: '/dev/ares-sample/index.html',
    _method: 'GET',
    '0.626189443282783': '' ]
    sending localPath=/Users/rscohn1/dev/ares-sample/index.html

    > Service['home']: GET /some/files/id/%2Fdev%2Fares-sample%2Findex.html?_method=GET&0.626189443282783 200 2ms

    > Service['home']: sending localPath=/Users/rscohn1/dev/ares-sample/package.js

    > Service['home']: <<<
    Error: ENOENT, stat '/Users/rscohn1/dev/ares-sample/package.js'

    > Service['home']: GET /some/files/file/dev/ares-sample/package.js 404 2ms
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    Yes, it's not finding the package.js file, for some reason. Have you updated Ares from git recently? And did you restart the IDE server afterwards? I would guess that you've got an incomplete update or something there.

    Does the file /Users/rscohn1/dev/ares-sample/package.js actually exist?
  • The file doesn't exist. When you create a project, you have to create a package.js, edit it, create a new kind, then you can get to the designer. I haven't used enyo so this was not so obvious to me.
  • Sorry, I just noticed that you're editing Index.html. In order to open the designer, you need to be editing a .js file, and it has to contain an enyo.kind() invocation.

    I can see where that'd be possibly a little counter-intuitive - you might expect that the UI design is in the HTML file, but a typical Enyo application actually uses a very minimal index.html file. The design is in the Javascript code.
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