Enyo as native app.

I am exploring possibilities to generate native app from Enyo 2.0.

What are the options? As I see Enyo developer team favors PhoneGap.
Are there specific reason for that? I see Phonegap generates theoretically
to 7 platforms but how realistic is it? I have a test phone with Android 2.2 -
HTC MyTouch Slide 3G and tried to load my web app in its browser. It is very
slow. I know Enyo 2.0 is supporting Android 2.3 and up but what difference
it would be? I don't think the speed will be much better. As I understand
PhoneGap is using a browser instance for his "native" code which is actually
hybrid not native. I think there would be not speed increase that way?

What about iPhone AppStore. As I see I need mac for this - at least to generate
the certificates.


  • PhoneGap is a wrapper. It's one developed in the open by the Apache Cordova team and one we've used extensively for testing, but there may be others that work as well. Appcelerator is a JS engine + native API combo, but it doesn't provide a DOM (except by hosting a WebKit instance), so it's not suitable for Enyo dev.

    Speed between running in the browser and running in PhoneGap should be almost the same. On iOS, PhoneGap will likely be slower, as Apple doesn't allow apps other than Safari to use the JIT compiler for for JavaScript execution.

    As for Android 2.2 and 2.3 -- they use the same version of WebKit as far as I can tell, so they should act the same. However, in house we only have 2.3 devices to test with, so that's all we state we support. Most phones running 2.3 or lower are fairly low performance compares with current models, so we're not focusing on improving performance there, especially since most of the perf tricks we've found don't work on the older WebKit engines.
  • what is the minimum Android version recommended?
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    You need the Android 4.1 SDK to build latest PhoneGap distribution, but from what I've seen on the developer list, they expect that it will work back to Android 2.1, although not all features are available depending on the device.
  • It seems it is a common sense to develop for mobile devices in this order:
    1) iPhone
    2) Android
    3) Others

    So I focused on iPhone first, purchased Mac-Mini to be able to submit my app.
    Delving deeper and reading the design guidelines for iPhone - how does Enyo fits in Apple's UI requirements? Bottom line - the guidelines say that people expect same user interface look and feel as on other iPhone apps. Enyo has very good UI elements but the question is how it will fit to iPhone user expectations. Also will it pass Apple's AppStore approval? I like the do it one time distribute on many platforms but will it pass the Apple approval? Are there examples for such "native" apps on AppStore?

  • I have done one app with Enyo 1 and Phonegap for a client. It has its own UI based on Enyo's, only the navigation bar at the bottom meets Apple's UI requirements (but has its own styling). The app was approved by Apple and is currently available at the App Store. I think its the 3. or 4. version, so it was approved several times.

    I think thats no problem as long as you do not save cache files in the documents folder or anything like that.
  • Other than navigational bar at the bottom what other iOS specific requirements you need to meet?

    What about icons? Do you need to use iOS icons?

    How fast is the app compared with native apps? I mentioned sometimes dragging panels are sticky, scrolling is not so smooth.
  • Sorry, I do not know the requirements very well. I did not look at them for a while.

    Icons inside the app? I do not know what you should do, but we use our own icons.
    App speed on iOS is quite good, horizontal sliding is smooth, vertical scrolling is not. I tried some patches also mentioned in this forum, but it is still not as good as it should be. Native apps are still faster.

    However as of today i would not use Enyo 1. Enyo 2 was not ready when I started, but today it is. Just grab Cordova and some Enyo 2 samplers and give it a go.
  • Actually I developed quite extensive project with Enyo 2.0 already - own design , icons, etc.

    What concerns me is the speed and learning that iOS users expect to see same look as other iOS apps.
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