Issues with Input box in android

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I used input boxes in login screen at first pane of my panel , but when other panes comes over the first pane after login in android devices, login screen input boxes appears as green boxes in all panes.

But this is not happening in iOS.

Can anybody has solution for this?


  • Blur the input when switching panes.
  • How can I blur an input?

    When one of my onyx.Input fields got the focus, and I switch to another panel then the input field still appears on the new panel, where it did not belong. This did only happen on Android so far...

  • Right now, enyo.Input doesn't have a blue method... however, you can call this.$.myInput.hasNode().blur() and it should work. I'll file a bug to have blur() added, since we already have focus().
  • Thanks Ben, but sadly that did not solve my issue. If I have a focused input in the first panel (CollapsingArranger) and I select another panel, then the input is still shown above the new panel, where it did not belong.

    Any ideas?

  • Is this just in Android? The problem there is that they implement inputs using native text input controls and it doesn't play nicely with z-order in a lot of cases. I don't have an immediate workaround.
  • I think so. I have run into this too. I think you have to blur the previous panel as you switch not so much the item. 2.1 is slightly better about this of sven isnt using that. In 2.1 after dragging to switch the input disappears quickly after without you having to do anything. I am not sure how a programmatic switch behaves.
  • I tried to solve this issue for weeks in my enyo 1.0 app... The blue overlay in android 4.0.3 was staying on screen after I closed a view. Using phonegap I was finnaly able to remove the blue overlay using the solution proposed in this thread :

    I didn't tested it with enyo 2.1.
  • try this using css classes from here. These are problem from html itself that android inherited. Stuff like highlight and overlay still haunt the web till this date :(
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