Click on link does not open Android web browser (Enyo 1.0)

When I click (tap) on a link in a list or a dialog, it opens the system web browser on webOS. On Android (4.0 with PhoneGap 1.4.1), it does nothing. Anyone knows why?



  • That's because webOS has a default handler where trying to navigate to a non-local URL opens the browser. You'll need to intercept that yourself for other platforms unless there's some tweak/plugin to PhoneGap that does that.
  • How would I do that? BTW, it works with jQueryMobile and PhoneGap.
  • onLinkClick="linkClicked" should let you perform whatever action you need to to bring up links. forwarding it to a seems to work in iOS, but not in anything else.

  • James Harris had written a utility kind to handle this stuff (see here) however it had alot of stuff specific to his app. I have gone through and refactored it to be generic and am in the middle of testing it. I will go ahead and post it up on GitHub tonight and just warn that its not fully tested yet.
  • Thanks for the pointer. I am however more thinking about links in text in Dialogs for example.
  • @ekdikeo:
    I tried
    onLinkClick: "linkClicked"
    for my main kind and I also tried
    document.addEventListener("click", this.linkClicked.bind(this), false);
    But nothing is being called.
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    { name: "description", flex: 1, kind: "HtmlContent", allowHtml: true, onLinkClick: "linkClicked"},

    linkClicked: function(inSender, inUrl, inEvent) { //this.log(inSender, inUrl, inEvent); url = inUrl.replace(/^tel:/, ""); if(url == inUrl) { this.$ { target: inUrl } ); } else { this.clickedPhoneNum = url.replace("%20", ""); this.$.phonePopupMenu.openAtEvent(inEvent); this.$.phonePopupMenu.setTitle(formatPhoneNumber(url)); } },
    taken right out of gvoice
  • Thanks! I see, this is for your HtmlContent kind, not globally. I was thinking about a global solution, but I will try that.
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    So, I changed my dialog text from "no kind" to "HtmlContent" and in linkClicked(), I used WebIntent to open the browser:
            action: WebIntent.ACTION_VIEW,
            url: inUrl
          function() {}, 
          function() {
            alert('Failed to open link via Android Intent');
    A global solution (like in webOS) still would be nice to have.
  • Sorry I should have clarified that the solution I pointed you to does in fact work for what you want. There is a processClick() function that you attach to the container of your content and it will handle links and email addresses for you. It is dependent on the ChildBrowser plugin for PhoneGap.
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