Looking for Enyo Bug Votes

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We've been working hard on our next release, which will have some great new features and a bunch of bug fixes. As we look ahead to future releases, we'd love to start getting some quantitative feedback from you to help us prioritize bugs. It turns out that Jira has a built-in voting feature that's perfect for this.

Which bugs are making you crazy? Which bugs do you want fixed immediately? We want you to vote! Just click the “Vote” link in the upper right corner of the bug under the “People” section. You can vote for as many bugs as you want. You only get one vote per bug, but if there's an issue that you care a lot about, feel free to drum up support from your fellow Enyo developers.

A number of factors go into prioritization, so we can't promise that that most "popular" bug will always be the next one fixed, but your votes will weigh heavily in our planning process.

Happy voting and thanks for your input!
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