Which parts of the framework do I need to include?

edited February 2012 in Enyo 1.0
I'm working on getting my Enyo 1.x app to run in Chrome, and then, hopefully using PhoneGap, on other platforms.
I'm just not sure which parts of the downloaded zip file I need to include as part of the framework.
When I open the framework folder, I see the build, lib, and source folders, and a few other files.
Can someone help me with what exactly I need to include from there as part of an app?
Thanks a lot!!


  • You just use a script tag to pull in the enyo.js file and it pulls in the rest.

    If you're not using debug mode, you can just ship the enyo.js file and the build directory. You won't need the source tree, and it's unlikely you'll use anything from the lib tree on a non-webOS device except the systemui folder which has the Bing Maps control.
  • OK, makes sense, so I'll just use the build diectory with the enyo.js file - thanks a lot!
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