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I just read that Microsoft announced the Windows 8 Consumer Preview launch will be at the end of the month. Since HTML5 can be used to create Metro apps, I'm wondering if anyone here got a developer build of Windows 8 and has tested out Enyo on it. Putting our apps in all possible app stores is great, but I have a feeling building Enyo apps as Metro Apps will have the greatest potential for app sales.


  • Metro apps run in the trident engine. Enyo 1.0 requires webkit. My understanding is that enyo 2.0 includes support for other rendering engines, and I would expect an enyo 2.0 app to work as a metro app once the enyo 2.0 UI kinds are complete.
  • Yeah, IE9+ is a target for us with Enyo 2.0. The core code works there fine, and we are planning on having a widget set that works well in that browser, although we'll also have other widgets that need a recent WebKit to work correctly. Things like flexbox-based layouts won't work in IE, for example.
  • Cool, good to know.
  • If you do not have a Metro style UI, Microsoft probably will reject your Windows 8 app (just a guess).
  • From reading on this, it looks like Microsoft is supplying a library, WinJS, that includs CSS styles and support code. However, it should be very possible to mix this with Enyo and even apply WinJS styles to Enyo controls. This is definitely something we need to explore more.
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