iPhone / Android showcase for evaluating performance

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I am evaluating several HTML5 mobile frameworks to see whether modern HTML5 frameworks are already fast enough for replacing native apps. It would be cool to see some Enyo showcases on iPhone and Android. So far I found only Dock app for iPhone, it would be great to see some more examples.

What I want to look deep at is:
- bootstrap time: How quickly enyo can show my buttons and be functional
- swipe detection (performance and quality): I am not happy with the reliability of swipe detection in JQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch study is on the way
- view switch performance: Our views have large photos, yet we want them to be switchable real fast at least if views are preloaded (say, switching within 200ms after a button tap)
- integration with camera and photo/video galleries: taking photo, using system photo picker, listing all device photo/videos and e.g. uploading them later

I understand that most of these questions are not exactly Enyo related, but are more about Enyo+phonegap (or whatever other device library) integration. Well that's exactly why I'd love to see some showcase demos :)

If you know some examples for the topics above, could you, please, point me to them?
Or maybe you could just share your experience on these?
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