Use the "C" Button for posting code!

edited February 2012 in General
A quick PSA Announcement:

In order to get code to show up properly here on the Vanilla-forum based system we're using, please either

1) Highlight your code and use the handle "C" button in the text entry area to mark it as code.

2) Wrap it in <pre><code> and </code></pre>

The bare <code> tag will work for mentioning something in the middle of other text, but using the full form will allow for proper formatting of a lot of lines of code.

If you just hit the "C" button and then paste your code into it, you'll not get the correct behavior, as it works differently for single line code snippets and multi-line ones.

I've been editing some posts as I see them to clean up this usage, but it's nicer if I don't have to do this.



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