Dropboxify app, port to Enyo 2 or try to get Enyo 1 to run in the browser?

edited September 2012 in General
I'm mucking about, trying to port my Dropboxify app to Enyo 2 and it's proving to be more trouble than it's worth. Half of the Enyo 1 controls are not available in Enyo 2. I tried copying Enyo 1 controls into my source dir, but they just don't play nice. For example, differences between Pane and Panels is huge, and my app uses and subclasses those heavily. My tests so far tell me that rewriting would probably take less time than porting.

So the question is can I run my app using Enyo 1 instead of Enyo 2 in the browser? How easy/difficult would that be? Are there any licensing issues with Enyo 1?

I don't care for browser portability much, if it only works well in Chrome, I'm ok with that.


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