Cannot read style(enyo)

Hey..I am making an app in enyo framework..
there's an error coming - Cannot read property margin in main.js in line 50.
in index.html i have included this:-
  enyo HelloWorld1

body, td, input, texarea {font-family:verdana,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:small;}
.smaller {font-size:smaller;}

<  div style="margin:8px 0px 10px 0px;">

editor goes here

I Think It cannot read the style here ..any help?


  • You need to post your actual JavaScript code too for anyone to help. Be sure to the the "C" button in the forum editor to wrap your code in order for it to be readable.
  • As I said on IRC, if you're having an error in your javascript, you'll need to post the javascript not the html. Also, are you attempting to actually use enyo 1.0 on webOS, or .. ?
  • i'll keep the above pointers in mind for the next time . am using 3.0 version.before this error it's giving me this warning everytime i run:-

    warning:executing pending window params,built no param list found ....enyo-built.js :6242
    what is the meaning of this statement? and how can i solve it?
  • From a brief look at the code, that's dealing with window parameters, which is a bit of a webOS-ism for passing arguments to a newly launched app. I wouldn't worry about the warning.
  • There is no Enyo 3.0 .. o.O

    That warning is normal on Enyo 1.0, since webOS 3.0.4 .. I haven't tried 2.0 yet, so not sure.
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