Best way to build a vertical slider control.

edited February 2012 in Enyo 1.0

I'm in the process of teaching myself javascript and Enyo, so I can develop some homebrew apps for the touchpad, but one of my app ideas requires a vertical range slider. Is it possible to customise the existing Enyo 1 slider to work vertically, or should I look at a canvas based solution, using a third party library like kinetic.js? Are there any existing open source controls that I could use to save reinventing the wheel as it were?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



  • There has been discussion on the webOS forums about this, but I've not seen anyone make an implementation. I'd start with the enyo.Slider code in 1.0, but inherit from it, change the styles to make the bar vertical, and change the positioning code to use "top" instead of "left" for the button position.
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