Image Gallery using Panels

Hello World!
I am a graphic designer with basic understanding of codes. I would like to have a simple application similar to the Flickr app sample in the Layout --> Panel section. I do not need to search a web site, but only the folders on my web site or locally. I have looked at the codes, but it is difficult for me to remove or add to make it work. Is there any tutorial on building a Gallery?
Can someone guide me in the right direccion?
Thank you!


  • Well if you want a grid view, check out the Panel GridArranger layout, and also check out (we use that for Apollo)
  • I am looking for something similar as the Libraries & Albums use in WebOS on the Touchpad. Which is a left Panel that will show the picture on the right. I looked at the Grid Layout but it will only show all pictures on one page. Again this is a very simple Image gallery with a libraries (or folder) on a left plane and pictures showing on the right.
    Thank you for your reply I appreciated
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