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makes it seem as though there is a Video kind.

using that exact example, I don't see anything, not even the video container. Has anyone else had any luck?


  • No, we've not implemented that in Enyo 2.0. However, you can easily create a enyo.Control with tag: "video", then call methods on the result of the hasNode. If you want to wrap that as your own video control, even better -- we've love to see a Community Gallery contribution.
  • A general-purpose Video Control would be of great value to the community. (Unfortunately, I have no time to work on it myself.)

    The render() method of such a Control could use the environment to determine what HTML to render-
  • I made some time, and now there's a proof-of-concept Video kind on GitHub at https://github.com/DougReeder/bootplate
    It uses either HTML5 video or Flash, depending on what the platform supports.

    Please fork it and help make it production-ready!
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    Is the video example located within enyo/samples, how do I see it in action?
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