Intro to the Open Source discussion category

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As we move webOS into the open source world, it's useful to discuss issues of governance, community, contributions, and so forth. While we've started a thread on the webOS Developer Portal to discuss these issues broadly (i.e., where they concern open source as it applies to multiple components), this is the place to discuss those issues as they apply to to Enyo specifically. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on how you see yourself contributing, how you hope others will participate, how we can encourage contributions and app development, etc. We look forward to your input!



  • Will there be a "gallery" as a sort of separate repository for community build components? That would not be part of the core lib, but as a separate repo. You could build up a huge community building components and adding them here via github.
  • Yes, that's on our short list of things to add quickly.
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