Enyo Web App and SiteMinder

Hello community. Being new to Enyo I am excited to get started and develop applications, primarily for viewing through web browsers. Within HP IT we develop applications that are front-ended with SiteMinder authentication (I am not sure how many here are familiar with it). Basically when you try to access the page, SiteMinder redirects you temporarily via cookie to a login page that you can either type username/password or specify a Class A or B certificate.

Is it possible to place my Enyo web app behind SiteMinder, and then once I am authenticated, how would I grab the session user information and display it on the page? (i.e. in a text box or label box of some sort) Basically I will need to display who is currently logged in and using the page, but I wasn't sure how to grab the session information from SiteMinder.

Thank you for your patronage and any comments/guidance with a resolution is helpful!



  • I'd expect you'd need a server-side component to acquire that information for you. Any user information is going to be contained in HTTP Headers which you won't have access to in a pure HTML/Enyo page. The component would inspect REMOTE_USER (or something else provided by SiteMinder) to get the user id and do whatever lookups necessary (e.g. you want to display the user's full name rather than user id).
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