Can we get Enyo on Google Summer Of Code 2012?

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Hello Folks,

Google Summer Of Code 2012 is upon us. The project will start accepting submissions in February 27th and I think this is a great opportunity for the new Enyo open source project. I am a former GSOC student and I think the project is great, it would be a good chance to get some clever students working on new Enyo code.

The home page for GSOC 2012 is here:

If the folks in charge think this is a good opportunity, then, I would like to help in any way I can. I am still a student, so I could apply for it or I could help the mentors or I could help the general organization of the thing. I just think this is not only a good chance to get more hands working on Enyo but also a very good PR for the whole project.

We know that the current Enyo team could use some help in areas that are not the main Enyo codebase, GSOC students could help with tutorials, code testing and documentation.

Anyone want to chime in?



  • This is a great idea! I'll work this from the inside and see if we are already pursuing this and get the relevant people involved either way.
  • This would be so great! I'd love to be able to apply to work on Enyo for GSOC, as I'm sure a lot of other people would too!

    Make this happen.
  • Hi all, sorry for the delay, but we've now submitted an application for the Enyo project to be a GSoC mentoring organization! Thanks to Andre for suggesting this opportunity. We are really excited and will let you know if we get accepted.

    In the meantime, you can take a look at our application and the project ideas page we put together here:
    GSoC 2012 Application
    GSoC 2012 Ideas Page
  • Awesome, Kevin. I've put this on the site now too.
  • Why is there a project for Enyo 2.0 localization? Can't it use that from 1.0?
  • Yay!!!! I am glad that the team went on with the idea! Hope it is accepted =)
  • The 1.0 localization library may be a good base to use, but it handled both translation and regional differences, so it might be too heavy for some webapps.
  • Excellent ideas! All of them, especially `Community repository and package manager`.

    I hope Enyo gets accepted. According to the time schedule the review of organization applications finishes tomorrow.
  • Google published the page with the accepted organizations. I haven't seen Enyo in the list but hey, that is how it works. Next year, Enyo and Open webOS will be in a better position that this year and I hope the team will try again.

    In the meanwhile, I would like to help with some of the proposed ideas, something easy for starter... any recommendation?
  • No, we didn't get accepted for this year's Summer of Code. We're in the middle of figuring out what level of mentorship we can provide on our own for contributors this summer.
  • Thanks for the update Ben, keep us posted please!
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