scrim not showing on onyx.Popup

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I can't get the scrim to show. Code:

{name: "signInPopup", classes: "onyx-sample-popup", kind: "onyx.Popup", centered: true, modal: true, floating: true, scrim: true, scrimWhenModal: true, autoDismiss: false, components: [
				{content: "Hello"},
				{kind: "onyx.Button", content: "Close", ontap: "closeModalPopup"},
				{kind: "onyx.Button", content: "Another!", ontap: "showPopup"}
Its inside a panel with leftrightArranger


  • Are you using the latest onyx?
  • latest bootplate...maybe that was not updated?
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    I think that's it!!!! Thanks.
    I dowloaded it with latest non-beta enyo...just assumed it was up to date....
  • Hmmm, I thought I'd updated all the repos before packaging that for 2.0, but maybe not. I'll check the downloads.
  • Probably something stupid I did on this end....


    Getting an error with the new layout lib files:

    "UnCaught TypeError: Illegal constuctor"

    in the component.js script at "return new ctor(inConfig);" (line 558)

    App works with old layout lib
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    Scrims are working though....with old layout lib that is...
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    Narrowed it down to the package.js file in layout/list/source directory:

    Old file:
    New file:
    adding "Selection.js", to new package.js gets it working???
  • Selection.js was moved from the layout library to the enyo library -- it's now part of the enyo/src/ui folder. It looks like we didn't pull the old Selection.js file, but you shouldn't need to include it twice.
  • I am experiencing the same problem as posted in the original message with enyo 2.4...

    Scrim does not display. Also in all cases (with/without scrim) main screen is completely hidden with white surround, not tranparent.

    Is there special CSS I am supposed to create for this ?
    {kind:"enyo.Popup", name:"popupModal", classes:"popup", floating:true, modal:true, scrim:true, scrimWhenModal:false, components: [
    		{name:"popupContent", allowHtml:true, content:""},
    		{kind:"Button", classes:"button-rounded button-action popup-button", content:localize("Button|OK"), ontap: "closeModal"}
    Thanks !
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    Well, you have scrimWhenModal:false, and modal:true. Does it work if you switch one of those true/false values?
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