Chrome Packaged Apps & Enyo

edited July 2012 in Packaging Apps
Chrome 22 just went into beta and has a new feature called Packaged Apps. They look like a really nice innovation, and we hope to fully support this model.

However, the Chrome team has deprecated some web features for this platform. has the list. Looking at this list shows a few problems for the current enyo 2.0 code -- the package loader uses document.write, so a debug build of an Enyo-based app won't be able to start. A minified version should be able to load into an app window, since that has all the dependencies turned into a couple of .js files you pull in with script tags. We're working on rewriting this code to remove that dependency (

While Enyo 2 doesn't rely on localStorage, cookies, or synchronous XHR, note that these features are also disabled. I suspect this was done to improve app performance, as all of these can block execution of code for some time due to external I/O.


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