Duplicated tap event on android 4.1 Jelly Bean with enyo 1.0

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this code run fine in Chrome and in all previous version of android but with android 4.1 (using phonegap) "itemClick" get called 2 times when I click on the button. I have no idea what can cause this problem. Can someone help me? Thansk in advance
	name: "TestApp",
	kind: "VFlexBox",
	components: [
		{kind: "Button", content:"click Me", onclick:"itemClick"},
	create: function() {

	itemClick: function(inSender, inEvent) {
		var a = this.$.control.getContent();
		this.$.control.setContent(a+" test"+this.i)


  • Put a return true; at the end of your function and see if that keeps the double-run from happening.
  • edited July 2012
    return true doen't have any effect (it seems its only used on enyo 2 not enyo 1)

    It seems that android >=4.1 generate a native click event after the touchend event. In webkitgesture.js, enyo generate a custom click event (after it receive a touchend event) for non-webos plattforms and that why I get 2 click events.

    I ended up preventing the native click event with the following code:
    create: function() {
           if(!window.PalmSystem&&( window.device != undefined && window.device.platform != undefined )){
    		document.addEventListener("click", enyo.bind(this,this.preventNativeClick), true);
    preventNativeClick: function(inEvent) {
    	//Catch native click event on some android platfom
    	if(window.device != undefined && window.device.platform != undefined&&inEvent.timeStamp!=undefined){
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