Automated testing

I don't see any mention of automated testing with enyo. I would think that by now the software world would have advanced to the point where such testing is built into platforms like enyo and is not just an afterthought.

Does anyone know if generic test frameworks like Selenium and Jasmine work well with enyo or do I need to wait for an enterprising group of engineers to create and market a test framework aimed at enyo?

What to the creators of enyo use for automated testing?


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    I've used Jasmine for BDD tests in the Cryptotweet app. There's also a basic framework in the extra library that are used for some core tests. See and

    We definitely need more tests for the whole framework, and that will be an emphasis in our future work.
  • I've used Jasmine to test my Enyo 1 apps. Jasmine Spies do much more than simple mocks.

    The simple HTML runner can be launched in a separate window/card from your main window/card, but there is some conflict which prevents you from interacting with the page.

    However, I'm not as enamored of Jasmine as I used to be - you can't add a comment to expectations, which can make it difficult to determine which expectation failed.

    I'm intrigued by Test Anything Protocol (TAP), which allows tests to be written for several heterogenous components, such as your app server and web app.
  • Also in the BDD family...

    I failed to use Cucumber/Capybara: events were apprently sent but the page was not refreshed (tested with Sampler app). This happened with default and selenium drivers.

    As I had a previous (and successful) experience with Lettuce (and lettuce_webdriver using Firefox), I can confirm this works perfectly with Enyo 2.
    You have to be familiar with Python though.

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