Has any one integrated phonegap and enyo?

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I have been trying to integrate both to make a iOS app using xcode.. all is done but when i try to embed enyo kinds/components on that index.html tag are read but enyo script is not!

Can any one help me with an example to integrate both with xcode..


  • I got your email. The first thing you should try is browser testing. If it works in your browser, then it will most likely work in the iPad. So, launch up that index.html file in Chrome and see what happens. If you look at my tutorial, I had a line commented out for browser testing a PhoneGap setup. Then look at the console in the developer tools and it should show what errors are happening.

    Once it work sin your browser, you can then run it in iOS. You could still have errors as the iOS javascript engine is a bit more strict. Use the GBD debug tool there or something like weinre.
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