Populating Picker items with a new array

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Enyo 1.0 for HP TouchPad (and possible Google Chrome too?).

I've created a countries array:
published: {
countries: [{
    caption: '*All*',
    value: '*All*'
}, {
    caption: ' ',
    value: '*All*'
for a Picker used for a country selection list:
    kind: "Picker",
    name: "sendCountry",
    className: "selector",
    items: this.countries,
    flex: 10,
    value: '*All*'
I've tried to update this.countries and update the Picker using the following code:
this.$.sendCountry.items = this.countries;
but the Picker doesn't seem to recognize the change.

Should this work, do I need to do something else too, or is there a better way?



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    Have you tried:
    It should eliminate calling itemsChanged by hand. If it still isn't working, toss in a:
    just to see if the picker updates.
  • sugardave,

    Excellent! Didn't need the .render(), as the .setItems(this.countries) seemed to be enough.

    Many thanks.........Phil
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