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I've been using PhoneGap:build service to package app based on Enyo 2.0.
Then, I have a problem.
I packaged a app named 'A'.
And, I packaged another app named 'B'.
I uploaded zip file included index.html, package.js. source files, enyo lib.
I installed these apps on android/webOS emulator.
After installing A app, I installed B app. Then, A app is replaced as B app, not another app.
How can I install both A app and B app?
Because the ID of appinfo.json file is unique, I can do to distinguish each other in Enyo 1.0. But Enyo 2.0 doesn't support appinfo.json file.


  • appinfo.json was just used by the webOS system. It wasn't something Enyo relied upon. You should still have appinfo.json files for your webOS builds, since each app will need it's own application ID.
  • You mean, appinfo.json file must be inclueded. right?
    But example application of Enyo 2.0 beta version doesn't this file.
    Is it necessary file when build the app for webOS, not for browser of PC?
  • Enyo 2.0 is designed as a cross-platform web solution. Each platform has its own requirements above-and-beyond what's needed just to run in the browser -- for PhoneGap Build, your repo/upload needs an appinfo.json in order for the packager to pick the correct package name and app ID.
  • I added appinfo.json in A apps and B apps.

    id of A pps in appinfo.json is 'com.palm.aapplication'
    id of B pps in appinfo.json is 'com.palm.bapplication'

    After packaging using PhoneGap, I installed A app.
    And then when i install b app, replace popup appear again.
  • are the IPK files you get from PhoneGap build named differently?
  • When using phonegap building with Enyo 2.0, appinfo.json file is not necessary.
    The app whithout appinfo.json file working well.
    the app id depends on the package name of phonegap build.
  • You have to write a config.xml like this https://build.phonegap.com/docs/config-xml/
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