Issue tracking migrated from Github to JIRA

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We'd like to announce the launch of a new issue/feature tracking system for Enyo.

We are moving all issue tracking for Enyo away from the Github issue trackers on each repo to a new JIRA server here:

If you are unfamiliar, JIRA is an excellent bug/feature tracker that we have used internally at Palm/HP for years. This change will allow us to provide a more transparent backlog and roadmap, track issues through our internal QA cycle better, allow community voting on issues/features, support screenshot attachments, and lots of other goodies.

You can browse issues without logging in, and to submit an issue you'll need to signup for an account. When you signup, please use your github user id as your username, which will help us keep straight who's who.

All issues, including their states and comments, have been migrated from Github to the new JIRA server. If you want to find issues you may have been watching in Github, you can search using the "External issue ID" field (i.e. "layout-22") and add a new watch in JIRA.

Guidelines for new opening issues in JIRA:
- After logging in, use the Create new issue link towards the top-right of the screen.
- Issue Type: Most issues should fall under one of two types: Use Bug for bugs, New Feature for feature requests/improvements.
- Component: There is a component for each repository in Github. Please indicate which component your bug relates to, if known.
- Affects Version: Select the version of Enyo you are using (or last released version if you are pulling the head from Github)
- Environment: Provide as much information as possible about OS, platform, version, device, container (browser/PhoneGap). For example "iOS 5.1, iPhone 3GS, bootplate app running in Safari", or "IE8, Window XP".

Thanks again for all the feedback and support we've had from the community! Let us know of any problems or suggestions you have in switching over to the new system.
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