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Hi folks,

In my webOS app, I have a button which opens the web browser using palmservice. Indeed, it doesn't work on Android. so I tried to create a simple html link inside a content like this :

{name:"mycontent", content:""},
this.$.mycontent('click this link');

This content is displayed as a link (underline & blue) but doesn't fire the android browser...

any ideas ?

Thanks for answer.


  • You'll want to use the WebIntent plugin for PhoneGap on Android, see
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    For PhoneGap/Cordova, in theory this is supposed to be controlled by the whitelist setting in cordova.xml (see the "access origin" examples). Things like target="_blank" should work to open a new window but appear not to -- recent discussion shows this to be a bit of a mess at the moment.

    In Paper Mache I solved this by using the ChildBrowser plugin and calling window.plugins.childBrowser.openExternal(url);
  • In my EnyoPlatform code at , there is a function: browser(url, thisObj) .. you pass it a url and something useful to use as "this" (usually "this" ..) and it will pass you back a function that you can call to launch a browser on virtually any platform.

    You are welcome to use that code, or just look at it if you'd like. It uses the childBrowser plugin if it's available on Android, otherwise it will attempt other methods.

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    @unwiredben : thanks for this link.

    In the readme file, there's something I don't understand.

    Create a folder called "borismus" within your project's src/com/ folder and move the java file into it.

    I don't have a src/com folder but a src/com.scienceapps.appname folder, is it the same ?

    If I create borismus folder inside and put java file, I get errors.

    Thanks for help.
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    In java you generally organize your source code with a directory for each part of the reverse domain name identifier for the package.

    So you should put "" in package com.scienceapps in the directory src/com/scienceapps

    And then put supporting plugin code in similar directory structure.

    Plugins already compiled to a .jar file can just be dropped in your libs directory where you usually have your cordova.jar file.
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