Read This Before Asking Questions

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Just a reminder: if you're new here and want to ask a question, that's great. However, we expect that questions will have the right context around them so that they're answerable and that the answers will be useful to the whole Enyo programming audience.

Please take a moment and read Stack Overflow's How To Ask Questions FAQ. The advice there will serve you well here and on most other technical discussion forums. Jon Skeet wrote a great article on writing the perfect question that goes into more detail on the topic.

If you're pasting in code, make sure it's surrounded by both PRE and CODE HTML tags. Just having the CODE tag is OK for single line content, but you need both in order for the forum's style system to automagically color code and put it into a scrolling div. The "C" button on top of the text entry field will do this for you if you first paste in the code, then highlight it and hit the button.

If you're pasting code with a lot of leading whitespace, try to trim that off, as it means less scrolling in order to read what you've posted.

The moderators will try to fix up bad code pastes as they see them, but having a nice looking post makes it easier to read things.

If you have a lot of code to paste, consider using a website like to setup a working (or mostly working except for the bug you're trying to fix) example. It's so much easier to answer a question when someone can just immediately see the problem, and jsfiddle lets you easily fork off new versions and repost them.
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