Running Enyo 1.0 app with data in index.html just shows data, not .js app program, in Chrome

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I have an Enyo 1.0 eBook app (for TouchPad) that use HTMLContent kind to read and display HTML text from index.html. When I try to run the same app (including the v1.0 enyo.js, etc.) in Chrome, all I see is all of the data. :-(

How do you adapt an app like this to display the .js view and not the index.html data?

I'm baffled!..............Phil


  • Phil,

    If the app worked when developing for Touchpad, it should work with basically no changes in Chrome. Do you have it online for us to see? It's likely something small.
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    @erupnu, there was a typo (a single letter omitted!) in the renderInto script that was the cause of the problem. Everything works now, except for the call to the email service, which will need to be updated from the TouchPad's PalmService.

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