API Documentation for Events - Scroller and onScrollStart onScrollStop

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The API docs do not appear to document the events that kinds fire. Ex. "onScroll" for a Scroller. Any near term plans to fix this in the online API docs? We're all groveling thru the source, but would be good to have in the online docs.

And then to followup, the current Scroller will, in some environments, use the native scrolling (yea, fast!), but this only generates "onScroll" - not "onScrollStart" and "onScrollStop" events. So if you've built something (say a SnapScroller) that relies on the stop/start events from the Touch and Translate ScrollStrategies, it will fail when using the native one. I'd be helpful if the Scroller could synthesize these events to provide a standard interface.


  • Yes, a concentrated run on the API docs is near the top of the schedule. Hopefully we will have some concrete improvements there shortly.

    I will ask the Steve the scroller guru about those events.
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