Windows Desktop App using Appcelerator Titanium

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This weekend i cobbled together a quick app to catch up on a web comic I used to follow. On a lark, I created a new Titanium Desktop project and dropped my app in the Resource folder and compiled. The app worked out of the box. Pretty nice.


  • Very good to know. I don't think we've looked at Titanium very much, but I'm glad to hear it works with Enyo.
  • I've used Titanium with enyo a lot starting last year with enyo 1.0 which works almost out of the box. I've been slowly drafting a guide to deal with some issues (e.g. missing 'bind' on the function prototype, rewiring logging) but it won't be ready for a little while. There are a few other weird bugs that I hope to address too. I've also got a 'Platforms' component that I will submit to the gallery in the future (also still in progress) which identifies various desktop encapsulators

    Also, Titanium Desktop recently became open-source, which is great but leaves it with a fairly uncertain future at the moment, so be wary of relying on it in the long-term for producing apps (seeing as it will be difficult to continue if they turn off the build servers).
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