recovering a dismissed SlidingView?

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SlidingView has a dismissable setting, which allows you to throw it off screen, and it goes away. Anyone know of a quick way to get them to come back? Or, lacking that, is it possible to create several SldingViews, and attach them to the Pane at will?


  • Try this.$.paneName.setShowing(true); to show a sliding pane. Seems to work fine for what I use a sliding pane for.
  • Unfortunately, when I did try that, I ended up with a panel that seemed to be completely disconnected from everything else. It appeared on top of the other panels, rather than attaching to the main view, and it didn't operate very well at all.

    Maybe I can come up with some kind of subclass where you can add and remove views on the fly, would also like to be able to have them repositioned as well .. i've tried to build a view that was draggable wherever you wanted it before, but failed utterly miserably. :(

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    AFAIK both of:




    Should do the work, with the last sentence maximizing the view.
  • hmm. i'm going to have to try building a test suite rather than trying it out in an existing app. Thanks for the tips everyone, as always.
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