Enyo 2.0 on Touchpad Emulator

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I've recently built a game using Enyo 2.0 and after getting it working fairly well in Chrome, i went to try it on my Touchpad emulator (running WebOS 3.0.4) only to find that the app wouldn't launch. I've turned the logging up to 'info' and tried it again, but I'm not seeing anything in the logs either.

Anything obvious that i might be missing? Presumably Enyo 2.0 apps are supposed to work with the Touchpad, right? Are there any samples out there that i can try just to make sure its not a problem with my emulator?



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    At minimum, in order to run webapps on webOS you need a call to PalmSystem.stageReady() which makes the blinking loading icon go away.

    You can also use PhoneGap/Cordova which handles that plus some other functionality/compatibility for running on devices; I think the enyo team is planning on adding webOS-specific support libraries in the future but right now the focus is on finishing development of the enyo framework.

    See also http://forums.enyojs.com/discussion/170/deploying-a-2-0-app-to-webos-device
  • Thanks very much! Pulling out and applying the .stageReady() code from enyo-1.0/system/system.js did the trick.
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