Ben speaking at AustinJS meetup, April 17th

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Just got announced today -

I'll be at the April 2012 Austin JavaScript meetup to talk about Enyo and Onyx and go through the building of an application from scratch. It gets started about 7:30 and goes to 9ish with drinks after at the Gingerman. If you're in the Austin area, come down and see me. I'll have some of our new Enyo mini-stickers with me, the perfect size for decorating phones and covering up other corporate logos.


  • Unfortunately I will not be able to go, so please post some videos and pdf and code and power point and... I realize that I will like to have the mini-stickers and a t-shirt like:

    Enyo Powered!

  • Last minute reminder -- this is tonight!
  • +1 for a video if possible.

    Any chance we can order mini-enyo stickers outside the US? I loved the last ones but would like some to cover up some unsightly logos on my devices.. (Ones with translucent/transparent backgrounds would be awesome)
  • I got a screencast recorded on my host computer of it, but I've not checked the audio yet. There also was a videographer, so I think there will be something online soon.

    As for mini-stickers -- just use the procedure from last time. I don't want to publicize it too much since I kinda got overloaded with the original sticker requests. These are about 2" tall and don't have any bleed on the side, so it's all Enyo logo, but no "Enyo" at the bottom.
  • Just posted the screencast from this event:
  • A great explanation of the basics of how Enyo works.
  • Thanks... I'm going to also do a series of shorter ones going through our tutorial (which I'm updating now for our list implementation!)
  • very regret I can not watch in China. Is there anywhere can be downloaded?
  • I was actually considering making a series of videos as I've been climbing the learning curve.
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    If you're using a Mac, I really highly recommend ScreenFlow as a great tool for recording yourself. It not only captures the screen, but also can get audio and video off your laptop, it has some basic editing tools, and it can upload directly to various services.

    I don't yet have a exported copy of the screencast for download outside of YouTube, but I'll check and see if we can put it on our website as a .MP4 file.
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