Can I use Mojo.Controller.showAlertDialog within PhoneGap?

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This afternoon I'm trying PhoneGap 1.5, and I cannot use navigator.notification.alert("Hello", function() {}, "OK") but navigator.notification.alert("Hello") works. I checked phonegap.js and did find the definition that Notification.prototype.alert = function(message, response, icon) {...};. So, what's wrong?
Actually I just want to see whether can I use such a thing like Mojo.Controller.showAlertDialog which shows a modal dialog so that users can have a choice what's going on.


  • I'm assuming you're using enyo (this is the enyojs forum after all ;) ) so you're probably better off to create a Popup instance with the content you need to display.
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    I do want to use enyojs, but I think using PhoneGap I can get rid of so many issues about crossing platforms, and enyojs is another framework that can code elegantly.
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