Good, Simple Layout Sample

edited April 2012 in Enyo 2
Does anyone have a good sample of how to do layout in Enyo 2.0? The discussion of Fittable in the TwitterSearch article falls way short. I just need a simple example of how to arrange two rows of controls in columns that fit across the screen.


  • Check out the examples in: lib/layout/fittable/examples ... the app-layouts.html demo should have what you need.
  • This helps some. Also, how do you add a custom CSS class to an Onyx control? I need to use style to add any attributes to an onyx control, while using classes with a custom class is ignored.
  • How do you know it's ignored? Are you using a classes attribute? Do you not see the classes applied to the HTML element when you look in web inspector? A code sample please.
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