preventDefault in custom scroll strategy - newbie question

I am getting a chrome intervention in scroller
Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to target being treated as passive. 
I want to use TouchScrollStrategy as the strategyKind

I guess setting preventDefault to false which is one of the properties of TouchScrollStrategy will solve the issue. I have done that but the error persists.

Here is what my scroller looks like
        name: "scroller", 
        kind: "Scroller", 
        showing: true, 
        classes: "scroller", 
        thumb: false, 
        components: [], 
        onScroll: "handleScroll", 
        preventDragPropagation: false, 
        preventScrollPropagation: false,
        strategyKind: new enyo.kind(
                kind: "enyo.TouchScrollStrategy", 
                preventDefault: false, 
                preventDragPropagation: false
Am I doing something wrong here? Is my syntax for passing in a custom scroll strategy correct? How can I make the chrome intervention go away?.

Thanking you reading this. Please share you valuable suggestions.


  • I had issues with scrolling a while back and changing scroll Strategykind fixed it. I just recently saw this new issue with lists and tried the same fix and it seems to work also. I have not had a chance to fully test but I'm not getting the error anymore...hope it does not break something else. I'm in windows 10 and Opera...

    strategyKind: enyo.platform.ios ? "TouchScrollStrategy" : "ScrollStrategy",

    place inside every list or scroll kind...maybe other kinds too if seeing similar issues.
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