Issue with Moon-Flickr on Android STB


We work with Android Set Top Boxes.
We are developing applications based on enyo.
Initially, we are testing using moon-flickr (
This application works fine on PC browser

In the case of the STB, we are testing moon-flickr using the embedded browser (based on Blink) as well as google chrome.
However, the application does not seem to work properly on either browsers. Basically the main issue is that the thumbnails which are the result of a search, appearing as a gallery under the search result, only display a square box with a cross in it. Another symptom is that when the location of a thumbnail is clicked, the picture showing page appears but with no picture (black area on the screen. Finally, in the search page, if instead of clicking the thumbnail, the "slideshow" button is pressed, the pictures display correctly in the slideshow.

The engineers are software embedded engineers, but not web/javascript engineers. They have the ability to improve on the embedded browser itself. But as enyo and moon-flickr seem to be quite complicated, they are struggling to find out how to identify where the issue may be coming from, ie what is happening with the thumbnails.

Enyo admin suggested:
This sounds like a web engine or remote resource issue. It’s possible the thumbnail locations are being blocked. You really should post this to the Enyo forum to get some feedback.

Can you get a debugger open on the set top box by connecting to the debug port of blink? If so, you might can see the 404 messages (or some other error) when loading the resources.

Out of curiosity, does it work with local image resources? If so, it’s definitely an issue outside of the browser.

One last thought: Try placing the image resource into a plain ‘image’ tag and see if it displays or also does the X mark.

The engineers tested and answered:
Some conclusions from our R&D:
On PC,browser will jump to the link url,then four thumbnails will show up on browser just as follows:
But on android device will not jump to the link url,so there is no any thumbnails,the enyo framework controls the logic of jumping which url,so our R&D doesn't know the logic.

Please some please help with the logic of jumping that they mention?



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