How to import an EnyoJS 2.7 projecto into Tizen Studio ?

As simple as that.. I know Tizen now supports EnyoJS apps so, how do I convert or import my enyo app to run it in a Samsung Smart TV ?? Thank you!


  • you can build seperate project and after enyo pack then copy dist folder to tizen project
  • IIRC, I created a generic project in the Tizen IDE, then replaced the code with my Enyo project. Or else I used the command line tool to package the built Enyo app; I don't remember which.

    FWIW, I found the Tizen submission process impossible - they would fail my app with documentably untrue "problems". After I had addressed the listed issues, they'd come up with more bogus issue, and resurrect issues I had already addressed. I wasted months on their submission process, without my app ever being approved. My experience is, that doing anything for Tizen is a waste of time.
  • Ok, I have something almost working fine right now.. Here is what I did:

    I created a 'Hello world' Tizen project (web application), I ran it to make sure it was working fine. Then I copied the content of my 'dist' folder created with the command 'enyo pack' into the folder of the hello world app. Finally I ran it as a Tizen Web Simulator Application (Samsung TV) and it seems like it is working, the only trouble is that the remote control isn't working. I'm gonna try to run the app on the TV to see if the remote control works properly.. Any suggestions are still welcome
  • you have to register remote key in enyo code
    var registerKey = ['ColorF0Red','ColorF1Green','MediaPlayPause','MediaPlay','MediaPause','MediaStop','MediaFastForward','MediaRewind', '0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9']; var supportedKeys = tizen.tvinputdevice.getSupportedKeys(); //console.log('supportedKeys',supportedKeys); for (var i = 0; i < supportedKeys.length; i++) { if(registerKey.indexOf(supportedKeys[i].name)>-1){ tizen.tvinputdevice.registerKey(supportedKeys[i].name); } }
  • It wasn't necessary to do that, lucky for me the remote control is working on the TV.
    But there is a problem, everytime I click on a text field in my app, the virtual keyboard shows up and then when I click on any letter it dissapears. So I need to click again on the text field in order to write letter by letter.. any idea about what is happening ?
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