Control:createComponent not functioning like previous versions

In previous enyo versions I was able to specify {owner:someOtherOwner} as the second argument when calling createComponent ( ) = "newComponentName"; this.$.aComponent.createComponent(newComponent,{owner:someOtherOwner});
Then someOtherOwner.$.MyComponentName would be available. Now, that doesn't seem to be working at all.

I have also tried = "newComponentName"; someOtherOwner.$[] = this.$.aComponent.createComponent(newComponent,{owner:someOtherOwner});
However the return value seems to be an actual img object (newComponent is an enyo/Image) and not the enyo object.

Is there a way that I can get this to work in 2.7?


  • Solved this one!

    my require had a typo!

    var Imgae = require('enyo/Image');

    Then when I set the kind


    It was somehow creating a DOM Image even though I never defined Image!

    I figured this out by passing a div instead of an image, and it was working correctly, which made me dig deeper into what was wrong with the Image kind. The answer, my stupidity!
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